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November 24th, 2023

  • Happy first birthday, Bonesdale! We've started selling merchandise. Added the link in the links section.

November 23rd, 2023

  • Added beaux and Siarah's introductions.

November 13th, 2023

  • Added the Autists Online webring widget.

November 13th, 2023

  • We redid the whole website (again).

August 15th, 2023

  • Sophia.html was updated.

August 14th, 2023

  • We redid the whole website.
  • First real updates since May?

December 29th, 2022

  • The Bonesdale website is created.

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What's Bonesdale?

Bonesdale is a nation, to be specific, a micronation with very little land (only having a backyard legally and claiming Montana), and no international recognition. However, more than that Bonesdale is a community of people working together to make something amazing. Every citizen to all four of the owners of the server are pieces to a beautiful nation. Bonesdale prides itself on its acceptance, diversity, community, and sense of companionship you can only get in a place like this.

How Bonesdale Came To Be

On November 24th, 2022 two people, Lorraine and beaux met via a server revolving around the popular TikTok trend ‘dabloons’. (Until further notice dabloons still remain the nations currency.) They decided to make something amazing. Now at first this was not called Bonesdale, and it was not intended as a country. The two designed it as a roleplay server about lawyers, but soon became a roleplay server about multiple jobs. Though the roleplay still exists in a facet they soon broadened to a choice. The choice being will they make a cult or a country, they quickly chose a country with little thought.

The Bonesdalian server owners did not all start as owners. beaux was the first owner being the one to create the initial server, with Lorraine joining directly after being the second owner. On November 28th, Sophia was promoted to temporary owner, but after something horrible the next day she became an official owner. Lastly, Siarah was brought on three days after that horrible event as the fourth and final owner.

You may be wondering what this horrible event was, well it was the first fire. A man managed to gain power in Bonesdale and over the course of the night of November 28th-November 29th destroyed it, but the Bonesdalians did not give up. They pushed and built back until Bonesdale was beautiful again. Bonesdale started to grow substantially gaining about 150 total citizens, the roleplay was expanding with many people participation, and many people were being hired for staff to maintain the server. Bonesdale was finding its image. Sadly this would not last forever as one last fire was coming for to bring us down.

The great fire took place on March 15th, 2023. After a little over 4 months of hard work from Bonesdalians to make something truly beautiful, one person managed to gain power due to a mistake of Lorraine’s and deleted everything. This clearly was not the end for the nation as in a little under 2 hours over 100 people came back to Bonesdale to rebuild better than ever. The next few months in Bonesdale where slower paced only seeing a couple dozen join, but Bonesdale’s existing citizens were still lively as ever keeping everything running. This all changed right around August 10th, 2023 where Bonesdale decided to start asking new people to join again. In just a few days Bonesdale got over 50 new citizens, and that number will continue to rise.

National Symbols

Our Views

Fictional History

The story behind Bonesdale in a roleplay sense is an interesting one!

In 1877, there was a real battle in Montana. This battle was called the battle of Bear’s Paw. This was a battle in which American soldiers killed hundreds of Native Americans. They were simply trying to escape to Canada for refuge. This is when our universe starts.

Native American Jane Bones of Montana, along with her settler girlfriend Ada Ratt, start a Revolution against America. Montana becomes a sort of refuge for minorities all across the world. Every single battle against America is easily won. Eventually America realizes they will need some extra firepower, so they team up with Canada creating Canerica.

Small side story time! Jane Bones has an uncle, Sherlock Bones, who’s a detective. He is called upon when Montanan forces find out they have a spy among them helping Canerica. Her name is Regina George. Luckily enough Sherlock Bones was smart enough to find her, and send her back to Canerica.

One final battle occurs in 1878. It’s a very close match. Eventually Montana still pushes through however and defeats Canerica! However this did not come without many losses, including Jane Bones. As she lay there dying from a bullet wound to her chest her wife came over to her. Jane said one last thing to her. “Death is not the end. Keep this place going. Bonesdale might be a good name.” Then she died.

Ada Ratt goes on to lead the country into prosperity adopting a few children. The server roleplays as a bridge from 1878 to the present with one event established along the way. This event is that in 1969 when sending men to the moon Canerica will establish a moon colony which will go to war with Bonesdale the next year.

How To Join Bonesdale And Become A Citizen

Join our Discord server!

To become a citizen of Bonesdale there are very few requirements. You just need to be between the ages of 13-21, be respectful of others, and don’t be a Nazi. You can click the link above to join the Discord server to become a full citizen. You will need to answer 7 very simple questions once you join, just to prove that you’re human, and then you’ll be in.

You can also become an honorary member by joining the subreddit r/Bonesdale, following the TikTok @Bonesdale, and following the Instagram @Bonesdaleforever (we are NOT @BonesdaleOfficial, they are liars). These options are available if you can’t join the server, but any of them are also appreciated if you can join. I hope to see you soon in the great nation.

Glory to you and glory to Bonesdale.

About beaux

I am beaux, though in Bonesdale I go by Lawtke, my pronouns are anything except she/her but my favorites are he/they/it. I founded Bonesdale with Lorraine and we were the original two owners. As of writing this I am 15 years old, Jewish, in the testing process for Autism, and diagnosed with ADHD. In the server I help to mediate and settle any disagreements (mostly between Bari and Lorraine), and I ask the question of the day for saturday. I also built and sustain the considerable community of Jews within Bonesdale.

This community is one of the most prominent aspects of my life. I’ve met many of my closest friends here and have nothing but positive things to share about it. I know Bonesdale and the many beloved Bonesdalians will be part of my life for as long as is possible.

About Lorraine

My name is Lorraine. My pronouns are any except he. I was the second member of Bonesdale and am the second owner. I am 14 years old as of writing this, and am AuDHD. The main thing I do for Bonesdale is advertise, though I also attempt in all circumstances to make every member comfortable and safe in the great nation. I also do questions of the day on Thursdays.

Bonesdale is the biggest part of my life, I have spent months (and hope to spend years) working to make the nation as amazing as it can be. I am always thinking of Bonesdale and the wonderful people inside. I hope to see you in Bonesdale.

Contact & Links

About Siarah

About Me

Hello! My name is Siarah, but I am mostly known as Bari or Azzy,
I am 15 years old and AFAB → I use She/Her and He/Him pronouns - You can use either! whatever makes you more happy.
I also suffer from a few little sillies → like social anxiety, autism, and ADHD, making me a not very social person and struggle with communication.

My Job as An Owner

I am the fourth and final owner of Bonesdale; I am also the head of staff which just means I manage staff as well as look over and accept the applications.
I am the writer of the rules and I draw and create some of the logos used for the server - like the server banner and some seasonal server icons.
I also do the question of the day on sundays! I like asking questions based on my interests :)

Interests and More Facts

Some facts about me! I hate politics, I love making up ideas for my two main original characters Viktor and Heinrich, and I am very stereotypically feminine – like tradwife feminine and such, no ounce of masculinity in me :3
→ I am also in Band! (Marching Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band, and Symphonic Band) - My main instrument is the Baritone Saxophone! but I also play a bit of the Flute and I play Alto Sax for Marching Band.
My interests are Drawing, Writing, Composing Music, Music Theory, ♡ Saxophones! ♡, and Bonesdale, of course :3

Links and Contact

About Sophia

Hi my name is Sophia, i am also known as doll on the server, and my pronouns are he/him (but if you are bonesdalian i do not mind if you use she/her for me.) i am 14 years old & autistic. And as you may know, i am one of the four owners!! Some of the things i do for Bonesdale are lots of research, this whole website, quesrion of the day on Wednesdays (if i even have a question), and i run the onlyinbonesdale tumblr blog where i archive & repost all of the Bonesdale memes and propaganda that the community makes. Please follow it!!!

Bonesdale & being Bonesdalian is a huge part of my life So most of the time i am doing something for it. but my other interests include dolls, history, coding, farm animals, fashion, and interior design!! i also play a lot of sims 4 & freecell solitaire, watch many movies, and sometimes i draw!

Contact & Links